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Live on stage, Natalie Beabella brings her individual sound with warmth, closeness and joy on any occasion, performing together with three to five musicians depending on the show

Natalie Beabella has been active on the live scene for almost a decade, providing a cross over between different styles of world music and pop with a little touch of jazz and a Latin mood. The band was initiated by the lead singer/guitarist and composer Natalie “Katten” Knutzen, a guitarist and singer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who had moved to Stockholm (Sweden) in the pursuit of love, in 2002. At an early age, she had decides she wanted to become an educated musician, despite her parents advising her not to.

She took private classes in vocal technique and in 2001 she graduates with a degree in jazz music.  Moving on to studying arrangments and composition at the former Berklee College of Music (Buenos Aires). When she moved to Sweden her first occupation in Stockholm was as a session musician and as a private teacher in guitar and singing. Eventually, she also started writing songs and having a band of her own, which led to the birth of Natalie Beabella. After a few years in Sweden, her interest leaned more and more towards music production. In 2009 she decides to start her own production company El Sol y La Luna Music.

photo cred: Carolina Johansson
photo cred: Carolina Johansson

Natalie Beabella’s debut album, No te doy más (2012) includes some of the most talented musicians in the genre in Sweden; Magnus Lindgren (Soul Enterprise, Batucada Jazz, Herbie Hancock), Liliana Zavala (Fever Ray, Batucada Jazz), Santiago Jimenez (Mynta) and Gunnar Thullberg (Calle Real, Hoffmaestro) are all contributing on No te doy más. The result is a creative blend of sounds from both Latin American and Scandinavian music. No te doy más is a description of Natalie Beabella’s first eight years living in Sweden with insights about love, self-respect, empathy, and freedom. The acoustic instruments: double bass, percussion, violin, guitars, flute, trumpet, and bandoneon, together with Beabella’s musical ideas, generate a soft and organic sound without losing the edge.

In response to a musical curiosity and in order to transmit her feelings aptly, Natalie has written the songs in a mash of styles: Pop, Candombe, Cumbia, Jazz, Tango, Bossanova, and Reggae – some even with a touch of Arabic sound. One could call it World Pop.

The single ”I’m Gonna Dance” was put up on the “A-listan” on P2 Världen.

Natalie Beabella drar sig inte för att ge sig in i olika musikstilar. (…) Det inledande titelspåret doftar tango med bandoneón och smäktande violin, Only the stars är en vacker ballad med mjukt piano och brummande kontrabas och Out in the Atmosphere som sjungs på både engelska och spanska är skönt slö.  

Rasmus Klockljung, Lira musikmagasin

Hennes debutalbum No te doy más, inspelat i Stockholm och Buenos Aires, är en mycket angenäm upplevelse, full av böljande, melodistarka låtar som andas värme och optimism  

Stefan Warnqvist, UNT

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Latest release

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Free - NatalieBeabella


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