Joie Fine

Photo by Maria Angelica Bäckman

With her melodies, lyrics and soulful voice Joie Fine aims straight to your heart. She inspires you to listen to your inner voice, break the silence of shame and find the strength to follow your own path. With an incredible vocal technique that allows her to reach the high and the low as well as the strong and the soft in her voice, she´ll make you think about that what really matters in life, bringing you closer to your own emotions.

Joie Fine
Joie Fine on stage at Fotografiska.
Photo: Veronica Gawell

Joie Fine, also known as Josefine, has been singing and writing songs since she was a child, inspired by the RnB, Soul and Gospel music that flourished frequently in her home. Her first official release under the artist name Joie Fine was the EP Unfolded, released in 2014 through El Sol y La Luna Music, produced by Natalie “Katten” Knutzen. Joie Fine’s songs tell stories of life transformation, self-growth and healing, finding yourself, following your own path and learning how to give and receive love. In 2016 she released the single En Kärlek Som Alltid Bär, a love song written as a wedding gift for two of her friends. A song that since then has been sung during many Swedish weddings and christenings.

Through the years Joie Fine has been collaborating and writing songs with artists both in and outside of Sweden. She’s known for her skills in creating harmonies and has been performing and recording backing vocals for artists like Kristina Westin, Saft Stockholm, Loulou Lamotte, Elisif Norrman and Amaliar.

She is the featured vocalist on the signature melody for the comedy podcast Suck my style. The song Suck My Style (A Tribute to Morris Isfeldt) was released as a full-length track in 2014 by Nedjmo Marx with Joie Fine and Svante Lodén (Damn!) as the featured artists.

During 2017 Joie Fine was featured together with Franci on Ingen Vet by Eduirie. 2018 she was featured in the song U-Turn by LucQ (Dirty Soul Music, Holland) and later that same year she was one of the songwriters and the featured artist on the song Freedom by KRYGA (Armada Music, Holland).

Joie Fine - En kärlek som alltid bär

Äntligen är videon till ”En kärlek som alltid bär” ute! Tack alla som varit med och gjort detta möjligt! <3Särskilt tack till Natalie Katten Knutzen som proddat och arrat låten så fantastiskt på El sol y la luna music, also special thanks to Santi Lorences for shooting and directing this video so beautifully! Spotify:ärlek,/Joie Fine

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