Elisif Norrman

Elisif Norrman is a 25 year old singer songwriter born in the northern parts of Sweden, but based in Stockholm since a young age.

The foundation of her musical expression goes back to her upbringing, always surrounded by music. Her dad, an amateur violin/guitar player and singer, introduced her at an early age to Swedish folk music, which then became one of her biggest influences.

Writing songs and creating melodies has as long as Elisif remembers, been a very natural thing to her. It wasn’t though until she met producer Natalie “Katten“ Knutzen (El Sol y La Luna Music) that she could finally find the right shape in which her music could flourish, an organic but still strong sound.

Her connection to nature has worked as a source of inspiration and is recurrent in her lyrics. Elisif Norrman is not afraid of singing about spirituality, sisterhood, and personal freedom.

Her music is not only influenced by Swedish folk music but also from music from around the world, like dub, reggae, jazz and music from the late sixties and early seventies.

Musical references leads to artists like Ane Brun, Mariam the Believer, Mari Boine and Nina Simone, to name a few.